End Citizens United: Fighting The Corrupt Supreme Court And Citizens United

End Citizens United was formed in the year 2015 on March 1st to combat the effects that had been seen with the advent of citizens united which was another group backing the Republican cause at the time which was supposed to get billionaires to buy the elections for certain candidates with their own interest at heart.

End Citizens United decided to back the people who promised to overhaul the system and help make it all the better for everyone.

The Purpose Of End Citizens United
This group believes that our electoral system in America is not the most transparent and it has big money players in the background who are constantly buying the elections so that they can work in their favor.

The concept of these politicians having unlimited money for their campaigns is nothing short of frightening because there is virtually nothing they can’t do to get the big win on secure.actblue.com. So, by using the grassroots membership of voters and people interested in End Citizens United, they can be able to curb this unfortunate turn of events.

The Reason Why They Are Supporting Democrats
That is very simple. You see, the Democrats are the ones who are leading the fight against Citizens United which is a brainchild of the moguls and big players behind the unlimited money for campaigns that the Republicans are getting.

If the situation were reversed, they would promptly be on the side of the people who are championing the rights of the people.

The Source Of Power
Citing examples such as the Koch Brothers and other really rich people and entities, the leaders of End Citizens United have said that the senators and other key members of the government are being bought out and it will be devastating if the president was to be bought too.

The power on endcitizensunited.org that fuels End Citizens United comes from the grassroots, and this is the only way that such practices can be stopped.

Ending Citizens United
In 2010, the Supreme Court passed the Citizens United decision that saw the flooding of politics by the ultra rich groups of individuals on endcitizensunited.org who take advantage of this to buy out the candidates for key sectors in the government.

In order for Citizens United to come to an end, there has to be a reversal of this decision by the Supreme Court and the only way to do that is by beating the rich investors and the only way that can be done is by passing an amendment to change the situation.

Progress So Far
The group managed to get up to $30 million, and they have been trying very hard to make sure that the amendment on Facebook happens despite the challenges. They have made strides, and this could be the next big revolution our electoral system has been wanting.

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