MB2 Dental Solutions Shares Dentists Stories Through “We Are Dentistry” Video Series

MB2 Dental Solutions has released a series of videos aptly titled “We Are Dentistry.” The dental service company that partners with a network of dentists and dental practices works hard to ensure that dentists have the adequate tools and resources to provide the best possible care to patients everywhere.

The “We Are Dentistry” campaign is filmed with a documentary style view to give patients a deeper look into what the people caring for them endure just to make sure that they are doing their absolute best job as a dentist. The video series allows viewers to see the home lives and communities of real dental practitioners. It gives a realistic glimpse into the world of the dentists that MB2 Dental proudly affiliates themselves with, and it also helps patients to feel much more at ease and familiar with their dentists. The medical degrees, knowledge, and responsibility can make many patients feel quite disconnected from who their dentists really are. With these videos, it is the aim of MB2 to break down that disconnection so that patients feel more comfortable the next time they visit their dentist.

Reading a brief bio or background about a dentist that you may be considering feels a lot different from actually seeing and hearing this dentist share how they came to choose this career for themselves, how their family supports them, and what they love most about what they do. This six part video series is definitely an innovative way for dentists to connect with current and prospective patients, but innovation is all a part of what MB2 is about and this is how they serve their dentists in the best possible way. Doctors from over 70 different locations are a part of MB2’s network of affiliates. MB2 was built off of the belief that when dentists work together they can accomplish much more than they were to be solely working on their own. The affiliate dental practice management services allows dentists to focus primarily on the clinical care that their patients require. Those services include the following: business development, billing & collections, procurement, recruiting, marketing, training, human resources, accounting & finance, compliance, credentialing, information technology, and more.


Alternative Ways Taken By Banks in Raising Profit Output

NexBank is among the leading and recognized financial service company in the United States of America. It has rooted its operations in the entire Dallas, Texas and recently expanded to open branches in the entire region. NexBank has boasted of improved financial stability and profit growth in the financial year 2016. On 23rd Feb 2017, the bank completed a record oversubscription of its private placement senior unsecured notes. This saw an increase from the initial offering of $80 million dollars to a closing record of over $150 million. This has been a major milestone in securing the financial position of the company. The notes also have a fixed rate of 5.50percent which runs for a period of five years. This enables potential investors to invest and get returns without being affected by market fluctuation. The profit received from the placement of the notes will be used to settle debts and normal corporate engagements. This is according to the President and Chief Executive Officer of NexBank Capital, LLC John Holt.

Through strategic financial positioning, the bank has increased its profit base in the financial year ending 2016 with over $200million in debt resettlement. In addition, the bank has seen growth in deposit reaching over $3.2billion and subsequent growth of assets of up to $4.6billion. All this success is attributed to the steps taken by the management in providing excellent and professional financial services and loans to clients.

NexBank has been in the limelight for all good reasons. This is because they offer different types of services ranging from mortgage banking, financial and institutional services. As such, they have received goodwill from clients and the public at large. Clients have been able to benefit from the low-interest mortgage that has assured many people of flexible repayment periods.

Through commercial real estate lending, many organizations and institutions have been able to acquire financial support for property development. As such, many companies have invested in property management and construction. NexBank has invested in a dedicated team of professionals and a rich portfolio of managers. The chairman of the company is a renowned financial investment and property manager James Dondero.