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Wengie Vlogs is a leading beauty blogger across Asia. Born on 9th January 1986, she has an obsession with beauty, shopping and she could possibly go to extreme measures to buy and ensure that she gets the best of fashion items such as Handbag and Shoes. Her name means resemblance. In the Vlog, she asserts that she can barely remember being a kid. Though she tells of the way, she was a poor eater.


Her mother could struggle to feed her. She could swallow a spoonful of rice and stay with for hours in the mouth just to lose its taste. Eventually, she could not eat it. Her poor eating habits made her family fear that she would get malnourished. Wengie enjoyed ice-cream. She would go shopping with her grandfather so as to buy ice cream on the way. She would use grown up tactics to request for the ice cream from her grandfather during weekends.


As she draws the story of her life, she relates how both her parents left for Australia while she was a little girl. Her nanny and grandfather took care of her until the parents returned when she was four. The parents took Wengie along with them to Australia. She says that it was a new Flight of her life. She almost opened the windows to have a better view of everything.


The simple idea made her try and open the Airplanes windows. She was frustrated when they could not open. Once she flew to Melbourne, she found out that it was a bit chilly. Her grandfather tried to cheer her up. She wept when she beheld her parents in Australia for the first time. She was accustomed to her grandfather. She wanted to go back to China with her grandfather.


Settling in Australia, a new country, made her family relatively weak though later on, they became better. Wengie quit her career in accounting to practice her passion which was in creative things. She landed a job a social media consultant that drew her to developing her Vlogs where she shares her experience in the beauty world.

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