There is a need for hard work so as to succeed in everything you do. A good example of success is that of clay Siegall who is an entrepreneur and a doctor. Dr. Clay Siegall is happy to see cancer patients recover and that is the reason he ventured into research. After successfully working with many firms, he decided to start a company called Seatle Genetics.


The company deals with biotechnology and is always targeting therapy for those who have cancer. Seatle Genetics is a business that began in the United States in 1998 and has succeeded since has it is led by people who are experienced and have a passion for what they do such as Clay Siegall.


Clay Siegall began interested in the field of research when he was a teenager. He showed his love for biology and medicine and took Zoology as his major. Clay has a degree which he obtained from the University of Maryland and he went for further studies to earn a Ph.D. at George Washington University.


After acquiring education, he went to work with the various institutions where he gained experience in conducting research and developing drugs for cancer patients.

After working for many organizations and gaining experience, he decided to start a company so as to help as many people as possible.


He teamed with other experts and started Seatle Genetics which has been successful since. The experts lead by Clay Siegall has developed some medications which have been approved, and they are in the market today. They have discovered a drug which has been sold in over 60 countries. Clay Siegall began doing research about cancer when he was only 19 years old.


Dr. Clay Siegall continued his endeavors, and at some point, it became evident that he had started achieving something. Today, he has been in the field of research for more than thirty years, and that is why he has a lot of experience. He has what it takes to run the company, and with his experience, the company has helped many to recover from cancer and lead healthy lives. Clay Siegall believes that people should be free from diseases and believes that cancer can be cured.

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