Goettl’s Stay Cool Tips For Homeowners In Northern California

Goettl Air Conditioning has been serving the west coast in air conditioning and heating repairs since 1939, and over the years they have kept customers up to date with the best heating and cooling technologies on the market. Their experts know the tricks to making sure your home isn’t subjected to high power bills or defective HVAC units, and they recently gave tips to keeping HVAC units running at peak performance at NorCal. Goettl also has talked about zone-controlled systems as part of heating and cooling efficiency.


One of Goettl’s first tips is insulation and making sure that it is weatherized for all times of the year. Included in the insulation is radiant barriers that can protect the attic and ceiling areas from brining in heat from up top. Windows also can help keep a home cooler when they have film placed over them. Air conditioning units should be well-maintained including having filters cleaned and changed on time, and even HVAC units should be serviced annually. Goettl also recommends replacing HVAC units if they still aren’t performing up to quality after various tweaks.


Goettl was founded in 1939 when Adam and Gust Goettl moved to Arizona to start a commercial cooling business. From there Goettl became a prominent HVAC installation and repair company primarily targeting residential customers, but they also have commercial repairs done too. Goettl had lost some of the edge over its competitors in the mid-2000s when a company from out-of-state bought them, but then a local named Ken Goodrich purchased the company and began returning it to its roots in family values and hiring expert repair technicians. Goettl is always working around the clock making sure air conditioners are keeping homes cool. They even have given of their own funds to repair air conditioners and heaters for needy families in Las Vegas.

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