Looking Inside Adam Milstein’s Work: An Indeamensch Interview


Adam Milstein’s work is very important to the Jewish community. He’s primarily engaged in making deals with affluent clients and investors when it comes to luxury commercial and residential properties at Hager Pacific Properties. But he also devotes a lot of time to promoting interests of Jewish Americans and the nation of Israel through his non-profit groups supported by the Milstein Family Foundation. He hasn’t shared a lot o information about his work up until Ideamensch, a publication for entrepreneurs decided to interview him and find out what his job looked like.


Adam Milstein is a cofounder and current Managing Partner of the company, and he said he thought of the idea for it while in grad school. He wasn’t finding the kind of career he wanted with most talent recruiters’ offers, so he decided to try commercial real estate brokering. He went on to say that making deals and seeing returns from them can take some time, but persistence is the key and as assets are built up, more structure to real estate investing will be had. But Milstein also said sometimes you have to be willing to do things on your own to accomplish what you want. He advises entrepreneurs to use Constant Contact as a way to make and organize contacts in your business or philanthropy.


Adam Milstein came from a working class Jewish family who had immigrated to Israel when it was once again declared a nation-state in 1948. He grew up moving around the country due to his father’s work in building construction, and in 1971 he began a four-year service period in the Israeli Defense Forces which included the surrender of Egypt in the Yom Kippur War. After returning home from his service, he married Gila Elgrably and later finished his bachelor’s degree at the Israeli Institute of Technology also known as the Technion. He then completed his master’s degree at USC prior to cofounding Hager Pacific Properties.


Milstein’s philanthropy is comprised of three values in active philanthropy, path life impact and philanthropic synergy. He has been a speaker at many Jewish world conferences including AIPAC, and is also a contributor to the Jerusalem Post and Huffington Post. Milstein made number 39 on the Jerusalem Post’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews list in 2016.