Eric Pulier Has a Great Career

One of the most influential people in the world of startups is Eric Pulier. This man has accomplished a lot during his brilliant career. He has proven that he is capable of coming up with some of the most outstanding ideas that the tech world has ever seen. He has been able to do this on a regular basis. Most tech startups have a hard time making a profit. This is due to poor planning, marketing or leadership. Eric never falls victim to any of these things. He carefully plans out all of his business decisions to make sure they are very successful.


Pulier received an education at Harvard University after always being a great student. He had dreams of becoming a professor who taught English literature. However, this did not happen. He found a profession that suited him much better. He made friends with several people who were working very hard on a project to launch a startup company in the tech world. Eric thought the idea was very interesting. He also liked the idea of being his own boss and making his own hours. He never wanted to have an office job where he would need to take orders from someone else. Launching a startup provided him with the chance to call the shots and be the person who would determine his own destiny.


Eric did not have much trouble being successful in the startup world. He was good at coming up with ideas for sites that became profitable. Many people wanted to invest in Pulier’s projects so they could take home a share of the profits. Eric is always very selective about who he allows to invest in the startups he creates. He knows that his reputation is on the line if he makes a bad decision in terms of investors. He has a very strict vetting process that he puts all of his potential investors through.


Eric Pulier is a legendary figure in Silicon Valley. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the history of the tech world. He will not be slowing down any time soon.