Looking At Career, Achievements, and Interests of Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is a famous personality and an established recruiter in the United States. She has gained massive experience in staffing and placement of candidates.


Julie kicked off her career as a recruiter almost fifteen years ago. She got her first job in Hudson staffing organization. While in this company, her role was to conduct interviews and place the right candidates in various legal positions. Julie had the responsibility of acquiring and placing lawyers support staff and case managers among others. Notably, she was recruiting these individuals on both contractual and permanent basis.


Additionally, Julie Zuckerberg played a significant role in creating harmony between employees as well as ensuring that the Hudson recruited and placed candidates in accordance with the employment laws. During her time in Hudson, she offered her services to some of the largest brands in the US. She stayed in Hudson for around five years.


After working for Hudson, Julie switched companies and got a job with the Citi Bank. In this organization, she deputized the company president as well as acting as the main recruiter. Julie Zuckerberg applied her staffing experience in recruiting members of staff on behalf of the bank. Furthermore, she had the mandate of orienting and training new staff about the products offered by the bank.


She worked in Citi Bank for over five years before getting a job with New York Life Insurance Company. The firm gave her the same roles and position she held in Citi Bank. She was playing this position while still working for Citi Global Consumer Bank. Two years later, she moved from the insurance company to join Deutsche Bank. In this organization, she played the role of the executive talent acquisition manager. In this position, she enjoyed working with various significant individuals both private and public sectors.




Doubtlessly, Julie Zuckerberg is a force to reckon when it comes to recruitment and talent acquisition. She has managed to acquire massive experience and skills that have propelled her to holding senior positions in her previous and current organizations. For instance, she has held the position of the vice president in her former employment and is currently a manager with her current employer. Holding an executive position allowed Julie to create a substantial network with different senior individuals that include lawyers, paralegals, directors, and managers among others. This network is important in her future endeavors, as it will help her secure even bigger and prestigious positions in other bigger organizations.


Julie has also earned respect from directors, CEOs, and managers from top firms because of her staffing and recruitment skills. She has always applied her influence both in the corporate world and on social media to recruit the best candidates on behalf of different organizations.




Like any human being, Julie enjoys herself while on leave, holiday and in weekends. She loves spending her free time doing some artwork, photography, running, and acquiring knowledge about various innovations. Additionally, Julie uses her time outside the office to do charity work by participating in different activities meant to help the society. Some of these volunteer activities include social action and animal welfare among others.